Disarm shame and isolation
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Live life on purpose

Break free from what's holding you back.

Free to Live will help you process your pain and isolation and build a full and free life.

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You're wondering how you got here.

Our culture can leave men like you isolated, overwhelmed, and tired of faking it. Free to Live will help you process how you got here and help you build a life of integrity, connection, and purpose.

Each of us has a different problem.

Adult Men

Do you who feel shackled by shame, frozen by fear, or emotionally numb and distant? Do you long for a greater sense of wholeness, intimacy, and purpose? Let’s break the cycle of pain for you and future generations now.

Teen Guys (13-18)

When boyhood fades into the background, teen guys face the challenging task of becoming someone who makes good decisions while wrestling with the message that they must do it on their own. They don’t have to do it alone. Let’s come alongside them together.

Boys (9-12)

Our boys often wow us with their empathy, wit, fun, and bravery.  But parents like you get discouraged when they fall behind in school, have angry outbursts, and begin to isolate with seemingly no way to reach them. This is where I can help.  Let’s do this together.

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Hey there, I'm Adam.

I am a Seattle-based, licensed therapist with pastoral roots who is passionate about helping men of all ages and their loved ones break free of the messages of false masculinity that pit courage and vulnerability against one another.

I have spent the past six years researching, wrestling, and working through my own story and the stories of boys and men as we partner together to live with greater integrity, goodness, and love.

I've found that all boys and men need a safe relationship, a strong dose of courage, and a willingness to learn the language of their hearts.

I will provide the safe relationship—you bring your courage—and together we can disarm shame, isolation, and usher in freedom.

What others are saying

He has a special combination of genuine care for others and deep love of Scripture that allows me to confidently recommend him to anyone looking for help.”

Darin Ault, Founding Pastor of Reach Church Newcastle

“When our teen son was struggling with depression and anxiety, we were seeking a safe place for him to get help. He preferred not to share with us in the beginning.  Adam was that safe place for him. He was very professional and confidential... He was able to give us insightful guidance into helping our son, while respecting our son's request for confidentiality. He offered a lot of compassion, grace and practical help. Our son came away with practical tools to help him on his journey.

Mother of a 15 year-old son

Let's work together.

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